Evaluation Strategies

Evaluation of student understanding of culturally appropriate health care is best evaluated via essay questions or written report. This format allows the student to explore differences more fully.Objective tests are often too restrictive to assess learning in this type of module.

Evaluation Strategies for Specific Learning Objectives

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1. Describe three major strategies used in health promotion and disease prevention for ethnic elders and the process of setting priorities for developing effective prevention. Essay question

Individual or group assignment to develop health promotion/disease prevention program for specific group of elders

2. Identify cultural or biological factors that might affect medication or surgical interventions with elders from diverse backgrounds. Essay question


3. Understand that the most effective health care team includes the older patient, all health care providers (including alternative providers being used by the patient), and the patient’s family member(s). Role play cases of teams with and without alternative providers and family members


4. Describe issues that geriatric providers should be sensitive to in working with families of elders from diverse cultural backgrounds and techniques that might be used to avoid problems. Essay question


5. List at least one factor that may affect utilization of health care services by ethnic elders in each of the following categories: availability, accessibility, acceptability.


Essay question

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