Goal of e-campus Geriatrics: To create and disseminate high quality, peer reviewed geriatrics curriculum for a multi-cultural population.

eCampus Geriatrics in partnership with the Collaborative on Ethnogeriatric Education and the Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to present the Ethnic-Specific Modules on the health and health care of multicultural older adults. The Collaborative on Ethnogeriatric Education is composed of numerous representatives from 34 Geriatric Education Centers who worked together over a decade ago to design and develop the structure for the inter-disciplinary Ethnogeriatric Curriculum. The actual curriculum is a combined effort of authors from various institutions as well as a large panel of peer inter-disciplinary reviewers. We also thank the American Geriatrics Societyfor their encouragement and support for this project.

We have identified the major ethnic groups of older adults in the United States and have developed individual stand alone modules on thirteen ethnicities. While we have strived to describe the commonalities for each ethnic group described, it is to be noted that there is tremendous heterogeneity in the populations of older adults described in each module. We have tried to adhere to a content outline that is common to all the modules (please see below for outline). However, we admit that owing to great diversity, each module has a certain uniqueness to it that is both due to the stylistic preferences of the authors as well as due to the inherent cultural qualities of the ethnicity described.

Content structure of each ethnic-specific module:

  • Description
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction and Overview—General history and demographics
  • Culturally-Appropriate Care—This section includes the following:
    • Fund of Knowledge—More detailed cultural and historical information
    • Patterns of Health Risk
    • Assessment
  • Access and Utilization
  • Instructional Strategies—Case Studies can be generally found here
  • Student Evaluation
  • References and resources including websites.

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As with any curriculum, these modules will need to be updated as the years go by. We would love to hear your feedback as this will help us update the content to keep it current. Many of you have suggested topics for other modules to spot light other ethnic groups. Some have suggested there should be a module on White American older adults. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Faculty teams (we recommend that each module be written by a team of three Geriatrics/Gerontology experts) who would like to undertake the task of creating new modules contact Dr. Periyakoil.