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This module reviews the demographics, history, health risks, traditional health views, and end-of-life issues of Japanese American elders. Thoughts to consider in assessment and treatment are also discussed. The module has been designed to use in conjunction with the Core Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics.

Course Director and
Editor in Chief of the Ethnogeriatrics Curriculum and Training

VJ Periyakoil, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine
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Nancy Hikoyeda, DrPH, MPH
Ethnogeriatric Specialist
Stanford Geriatric Education Center

Marianne KG Tanabe, MD
VA Pacific Islands Health Care Systems


We would like to thank Dr. Gwen Yeo of the Stanford Geriatric Education Center for her valuable input and chart on Asian/Pacific Islander Elders 65 and over, 1990, selected characteristics.

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Hikoyeda, N, DrPH, MPH & Tanabe, M, MD: Health and health care of Japanese American Older Adults https://geriatrics.stanford.edu/ethnomed/japanese.html/. In Periyakoil VS, eds. eCampus-Geriatrics, Stanford CA, 2010.

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