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This module presents an overview of available information on health conditions among African American or Black older adults in the U.S. with emphasis on historical influences on their health and health care.

In this module the terms Black and African American are used interchangeably. The terms Black and African American are used to indicate persons who were born in the US as no separate data are available for Black older adults who have immigrated from other countries.

Course Director & Editor-in-Chief of the Ethnogeriatrics Curriculum & Training

VJ Periyakoil, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine
periyakoil at stanford dot edu


Rita Hargrave, MD
VA Martinez Outpatient Clinic
UC Davis


Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to this module: Sharon Gordon, PhD; Margaret Hargreaves, PhD; Janet Lieto, DO; Elyse A. Perweiler, RN, MPP; Veronica J. Scott, MD, MPH; Wilbur Watson, PhD (deceased); Mary P. Williams, EdD, PA-C; Gwen Yeo, PhD; Motisola Zulu, BA.

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