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This fifth module of the curriculum presents cultural issues in the delivery of geriatric health care after assessments are completed, including:

  • health promotion
  • informed consent
  • medications
  • dementia
  • caregiving
  • long-term care
  • surgery
  • working with families

Disparities and patterns of utilization of health care services by elders from different ethnic populations and barriers to that utilization are also presented.

Information in the content section is based on evidence from research, and citations to the published studies are included.

Course Director and Editor in Chief of the Ethnogeriatrics Curriculum and Training

VJ Periyakoil, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine
periyakoil at stanford dot edu


Gwen Yeo, PhD, AGSF 
Stanford Geriatric Education Center

This edition is based on a version developed by Nina Tumosa, PhD, Levanne Hendrix, MSN, PhD, Andrea Sherman, PhD, and Steve Wallace, PhD and edited by Gwen Yeo, PhD, in 2002. It has been updated, edited, and revised by Gwen Yeo, PhD.

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