iSAGE Mini-Fellowship: Overview

The goal of the Stanford University’s Internet based Successful Aging and End-of-Life (iSAGE) is to promote successful aging and end of life care for multi-cultural older adults. iSAGE is a FREE,  online, multi-media rich, skill-based training program that offers comprehensive distance learning and support resources.The iSAGE program is funded by the National Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities.

Successful Mini-fellowship Highlights:

  • Both health professionals as well as lay health advisors, health workers interested in learning about care of older adults and those with chronic and serious illnesses are eligible to apply for the mini-fellowship
  • Training will include self-paced knowledge acquisition using video lectures by national experts, study of seminal scientific articles, interactive video exercises, assignments and quizzes
  • All participants will have opportunities to learn about key principles of ethno-geriatrics and end of life care
  • On completion of the 80-hour iSAGE program, participants will receive a certificate of completion
  • All participants will be able to interact with course instructors as well as their peers mini-fellows in the iSAGE collaborative learning community on an ongoing basis.

The iSAGE training program is a self-paced, self-study program and has three parts as follows:

iSAGE Training Program details

Part 1 of iSAGE will immerse participants in the over arching scientific principles of successful aging and end of life care.
Part 2 will focus on quality care of multicultural older Americans.
Part 3 will be a scholarly project, which will include mentored field work during which the participant will complete a mini-dissertation in the area of their interest and submit a final report to be graded by experts. The field work is conducted under the auspices of a mentor and should be specifically designed to positively impact at least five older Americans in some small and specific way. The course director will mentor mini-fellows on choice of the scholarly project. Mini-fellows are encouraged to collaborate with their peers in the iSAGE program in completing their field work.

In the past five years, we have trainees

iSAGE Mini-fellow demographics (2013-2018)
Characteristic Health
Lay Health Advisors Total
Male 39 (28.9%) 23 (20.9 %) 62 (25.3%)
Female 96 (71.1%) 87 (79.1%) 183 (74.7%)
Total 135 (55.1%) 110 (44.9%) 245 (100%)

Application process and current status:

Our target for this project was to train 200 mini-fellows. We had more applicants than we could accommodate and we trained a total of  245 mini-fellows from across the nation (135 interprofessional clinicians and 110 lay health advisors). Round one of the iSAGE program was extremely successful and we are currently writing the final project report to be submitted to NIH.

iSAGE mini-fellowship is now open for enrollment for the Fall 2018 Quarter! Please apply here.

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