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Can We Talk?

Please watch video below for a discussion about the need for having and documenting crucial conversations with our loved ones about our wishes and preferences for health care. Panelists: Ms. JoAnn Barr (family member), Mr. Murray Ross (Patient), Ms. Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer winner and columnist for the Boston Globe and Dr. Periyakoil, Stanford University


How a Stanford physician became a leading advocate for palliative care

Apr 4, 2013 … Stanford physician VJ Periyakoil, MD, is a strong advocate for palliative care being “woven seamlessly into treatment” to reduce families’ stress levels and improve patients’ quality of life in their final days….


Patients Teach Doctor How to Heal at the End of Life

Apr 3, 2013 … Contrary to conventional wisdom, most patients don’t want every medical intervention that has the potential to prolong their lives, says Stanford University palliative care expert, VJ Periyakoil, MD. Overall, people want appropriate care that is sensitive to their quality of life, and enables them to experience their final days as fully as possible with minimal stress for their families….


Palliative Care: Needed But Underutilized

March 13, 2013 … Many people believe that palliative care is only about end-of-life care, since it’s about the relief of symptoms as opposed to trying to cure the underlying disease. However, palliative care can be appropriate for any patient diagnosed with a serious illness whether their anticipated prognosis is days, months, years, or decades….


Web-based fellowship promotes care for older adults of various ethnic groups

Feb 11, 2013 … Hannah Valantine, MD, senior associate dean for diversity and leadership and a collaborator on the project, said iSAGE addresses the critical need to educate Americans, across racial and ethnic groups, about successful aging….


Stanford introduces web-based mini-fellowship program on successful aging

Jan 23, 2013 … The iSAGE mini-fellowship seeks to train both the general public and health professionals… The program is multi-media rich with video lectures from renowned faculty from various universities, articles, video case studies, and other resources.…/stanford-introduces-web-based-mini-fellowship- program-on-successful-aging/