Instructional Strategies

The following are possible methods of instruction for this module:

A. Lectures and Reading

Lectures and reading assignments on variations in culturally based health beliefs.

B. Discussion Sessions

Discussion sessions in which learners are asked to:

  1. Share the health beliefs of their own families based on cultural and religious backgrounds.
  2. Explore the similarities and differences.
  3. Respect the differing values and beliefs.

C. Interview

Inviting elders from diverse ethnic populations to discuss the important historical events in their lives and health beliefs that they and others of their ethnic group hold. See Interview Strategiesfor student assignments on interviewing members of older ethnic populations.

D. Application of Cohort Analysis

Viewing profiles of elders from films of various ethnic groups and asking learners to place the elder in a specific cohort and discuss the possible influences on their clinical care.

E. Biographies

Assigned reading of biographies of ethnic elders (e.g., Having our Say by Sarah and Elizabeth Delany; Mankiller by Wilma Mankiller

F. Generational Comparison

Comparison of two generations of elders from the same ethnic population in terms of the responses to health care system based on their historical experiences.