Student Evaluation

Objective Questions

Health status information in this module lends itself to objective questions to evaluate student’s retention of the information.

Essay Questions

Essay questions can be used to evaluate their understanding of the sources and limitations of the data.

Group Projects, Reports and Exams

Group projects, individual written and oral reports, short essay exams, and multiple choice tests can also be used in the evaluation of student performance.

Case Studies

The cases in the Instructional Strategies Section can be used as take home or essay questions.

Sample Questions

Some other examples of pre-/post-test questions are given below:

1. To the best of your knowledge describe the health care of Black older adultsduring the antebellum period of the United States. How did slavers differ in their care of older disabled slaves? In what way did slaves care for each other?

2. To what extent did health care for Black older adultsimprove after the Civil War? What were the indicators of improvement or the lack thereof?

3. Describe twentieth century developments in the health and health care of older Blacks.

4. Write a brief definition of the following terms:

    • Natural Illness
    • Occult Illness
    • Spiritual Illness

5. Describe the problem of misdiagnosis and the nature of cultural bias in medical practices as it applies to older adults from African American backgrounds. How can biases be minimized in health professional practices?

6. How does the role of the church and religion affect health and health care for African American older adults?

7. Name three conditions for which older African American are at increased risk; name two for which they are less risk than other older Americans.