Instructional Strategies – Case Study 3

In addition to lecture and reading assignments, the following case can be used for discussion or written assignments.

Case Sudy 3

Case Study of Mrs. P

Mrs. Haneef Malik is a 62-year-old Indian Muslim lady with a history of stroke and is admitted for severe bilateral pneumonia. Speech therapy evaluation revealed swallowing dysfunction. A clear liquid diet is ordered and the nurse offers the patient a choice of several jellos. However, the patient refuses the jello, even though she stated earlier that she is hungry.


What could be the underlying cultural issue?

Topics for DiscussionDiscussion

Muslims who follow the halal diet may reject this food. This person has come from an ethnocultural tradition that prohibits eating pork. Gelatin is made from pig bones. So the dietitian should understand this cultural reason for avoiding such food items and offer alternatives.