Microlecture 30: Is It Acceptable to Address Patients by Their First Name During a Clinical Encounter

Microlecture 012: How To Introduce Interpreter Services

Who should introduce the interpreter and how should this be done? It is important to clarify the role of the MI and explain who the interpreter is there to serve. The MI is there to help both the doctor and the patient. Even if the family wants to interpret for the patient, the MI still needs to be there to interpret for the clinician.
If the MI arrives before the clinician, should the MI strike a conversation with the patient?

I prefer that the clinician and the MI spend tow minutes doing a brief, pre-meeting huddle about the proposed interaction and the goals to be accomplished during the encounter. Then both can enter the patient’s room together, start with brief introductions and proceed with the meeting.

Watch the microlecture for a sample pitch to the patient and family about the need for an MI.

VJ Periyakoil, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine.

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