Evaluation Strategies

Health status information in this module lends itself to objective questions to evaluate students’ retention of the information. Essay questions can be used to evaluate their understanding of the sources and limitations of the data. Group projects and individual reports mentioned above can also be used in the evaluation of student performance.

Evaluation Strategies for Specific Learning Objectives

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Objective Strategy
Identify the major sources of data on ethnogeriatric epidemiology and the gaps in available information. Objective Test.Project:
A. Internet Research
Describe the major differences in mortality rates between elders from different ethnic populations in the U.S. Objective Test, Essay Question.Projects:
List the health conditions for which there are significant differences in risk between specific groups of ethnic elders and the average for older Americans Objective Test,
Essay Question.Project:
Describe the ethnic specific patterns of social support for frail and disabled elders. Essay Question.Projects: