Functional Status

Hispanic Elders

Data on various measures of functional status have consistently found that Hispanic elders in the U.S. report greater activity limitations than their Anglo counterparts. Among older Hispanics, Puerto Ricans report more limitations than Mexican and Cuban Americans (Hazuda & Espino, 1997; Villa et al., 1993).

African Americans

Studies of functional status and disability among older African Americans have generally found higher rates of activity limitation than among their white counterparts. There is considerable variation by socio-economic status, however, and some older cohorts report less limitation than younger ones (Clark & Gibson, 1997; Richardson, 1996).

American Indians

More than half (59%) of American Indians over 65 reported one or more activity limitations in 1985, the highest of any ethnic population (McCabe & Cuellar, 1993).

Asian/Pacific Islanders

Almost no data are available on the functional status of elders from ethnic groups in the Asian/Pacific Islander category.