PCC Comprehensive Elder Exam (HIS-865)


The PCC Comprehensive Elder Exam (also available in PCC+) provides a guide to comprehensive geriatric assessment for the individual provider. The goal of the form is to allow the provider to approximate the interdisciplinary team evaluation. In doing so it should make comprehensive geriatric assessment accessible to all elders.

The Comprehensive Elder Exam can also be used by Community Health Nurses, Community Health Aides and Community Health Representatives as part of a community-based assessment.

The PCC Comprehensive Elder Exam guides the practitioner through a high quality geriatric assessment and makes this process available to all elders.


Experience with the PCC Comprehensive Elder Exam in Zuni indicates that the complete assessment with targeted physical exam can be done in about 45 minutes. With a well elder, the exam can be completed in 30 minutes; with a very sick or frail elder, the exam will take longer.

—Bruce Finke, M.D.