Instructional Strategies

The following are possible methods of instruction for this module:

A. Reading Assignments

B. Didactic Lectures

C. Discussions

D. Modeling through Video Training

E. Case Studies

F. Experiential Projects

  1. Assignment to have students use telephone interpreter service with bi-lingual simulated patient.
  2. Assignment to practice taking social histories using cohort analyses or eliciting explanatory models, with one student as the interviewer and another role playing an elder with a specific history or set of health beliefs
  3. Assignment to have students interviewed in a different language.
  4. Assignment to have students conduct an assessment using an interpreter followed up by discussion of the benefits, difficulties, and strategies to promote communication.

G. Group Projects

Students create a cultural competence training manual focusing on use of culturally appropriate assessment tools for older patients from one or more cultural backgrounds.

H. Geriatric Assessments

Conduct geriatric assessments with culturally diverse older adults and elicit feedback from the elder and family members.