Principles of Geriatric Care

Major emphases in geriatric health care as they relate to ethnically diverse older adults:

  1. Biopsychosocial approach: the integration of consideration of physical, psychological, and social factors in providing health care
  2. Use of multidisciplinary teams
  3. Importance of chronic illnesses and geriatric syndromes
  4. Importance of showing respect to older patients
  5. Goal of maximizing function Awareness and sensitivity to sensory changes
  6. Age-appropriate dosing and avoidance of interactions of multiple medications
  7. Continuity of care through the different components of geriatric care
    1. Geriatric primary care
    2. Geriatric acute care
    3. Geriatric rehabilitation
    4. Geriatric long-term care
      1. Community based
        • Home care
        • Adult day care/day health care
        • Respite care
      2. Residential Services
        • Assisted living, board & care, adult care, or residential care
        • Nursing homes
        • Combinations of levels of care—Continuing care retirement communities
      3. Geriatric managed care: integration of primary, acute, and long term care