Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module the learner will be able to:

Learning Objectives

1. Describe major socio-demographic information of the Filipino American community with special emphasis on Filipino American older adults.

2. Identify significant historical and sociopolitical events that influenced the immigration of Filipino older adults to the U.S.

3. Identify the major sources of available health data related to mortality and morbidity rates, and health-related issues Filipino American older adults.

4. Describe common living arrangements and patterns of social support available to frail and disabled Filipino American older adults.

5. Identify at least five critical areas for health assessment, screening, and intervention for Filipino American older adults.

6. List five cultural factors that may potentially influence the health behaviors of Filipino American older adults and their clinical interactions.

7. List at least five culturally acceptable approaches that clinicians can use to skillfully facilitate communication with Filipino American older adult patients and their families.