Decade Value Development

Table 1-1: Alaska Native Decade Value Development: 1700s to present













Russians establish settlements in Aleut coastal areas & Southeast Alaska sold by Russia to US “The Great Death” killing 60% of Alaska Native peoples Adaptations to loss with survivors surrendering some old cultural beliefs Polio & TB epidemics into the 60’s World War II Relocation of Aleuts & seizure by Japanese Alaska Statehood Vietnam War ANSCA land settlement to Alaska Natives Oil Boom & pipleline development Desert Storm State government unsupportive to Native Issues
Russian occupation results in slaughter of thousands of Natives Areas of Alaska divided by religions for education & boarding schools Gold Rush 2nd Wave Boarding Schools required by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Alcan road build connecting Alaska to US through Canada Loss of lands and rights to statehood Earthquake and Tital Wave Movement from IRAs (villages organized according to the Indian Reorganization Act to corporate & government structure Telephone and TV in every village Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill & clean up
Canneries established Nomadic or seasonal lifestyle continues Native people become US citizens Nomadic and seasonal lifestyle moves into community lifestyle Rise of alcohol and criminal behaviors Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) with loss of land & hunting & fishing rights Sobriety Movement starts with village movement for education Highest rates of suicide in nation Sexual Abuse charges against Catholic Priests
Discovery of gold; natives could not “own” gold Alaska Native Brotherhood established in Southeast North Slope ease auctions Rise in Alcohol Abuse & alcoholism Welfare & anti-poverty programs Highest rates of most social ills in nation Family Spirit Gatherings
Epidemics Relocation Act Molly Hootch Act to establish schools in all villages Self-Determination Movement of Natives to urban Hub communities