There should be awareness that Western methods of psychotherapy may not be received well. Confrontation may potentially make patients uncomfortable. (Ryan, 1985)

However, since Chinese individuals may much more highly value education, Dai et al (1999) studied a cognitive-behavioral package (originated by Ricardo Munoz, Ph.D.) adapted for Chinese American subjects.

The material was videotaped in eight sessions, approximately 25 minutes in length, to be shown to community subjects who were at least 40 years and over. In addition, a videotape of muscular relaxation techniques was made. A manual written in Chinese about the content of each class was given to each subject when he/she attended.

The experimental group showed significant improvement in the scores in the Hamilton Depression Scale, including the Somatic Subscale in the Hamilton Anxiety Scale. There was no significant improvement in the control group on any of the measures. Thus the study suggests the efficacy of psychoeducational classes in reducing symptoms of depression in non-patient community elderly. More focused research in this area is needed.