Cohort Analysis: Significant Dates and Periods

Table 1: Chinese Americans: Significant Dates & Periods in Immigration and History
Periods and Events
*U.S. Pop (in 1000’s)
Male to Female Ratio
1850–1860 Sojourner male immigration from Southern China to Gold Mountain    
1870’s Brutality and violence; discriminatory legislation 60  




California Constitution adopted with anti-Chinese provisions 100






Chinese Exclusion Act banning immigration of Chinese laborers    
1882–1920 Declining immigration; decline of agriculture, mining, and railroad occupations; rise of urban service occupations; immigration of “paper sons” and “treaty merchants” through “the Shed”    
1890   101 27:1
1900   90  
1900–1930 Rise of family associations and “tongs” (secret societies) Children 55–65
1910 Boarding Schools 72  
1920 World War II Service 62 7:1
1924 Immigration restrictions eased slightly 75–85
1930’s Pearl Buck novels portray Chinese peasants as heroes resisting Japanese invasion; “mutilated families” 75  
1940–1946 16,000 Chinese Americans served in Armed Forces 78  
1943 Repeal of all 15 Chinese Exclusion Acts; quota set at 105 per year    
1946 Law passed allowing “alien” wives to immigrate    
1947–1952 Over 9000 wives immigrated; increased educational attainment; continued discrimination; high birthrates    
1950’s Cold War, two Chinas; fear of Communist threat from Chinese Americans; half of Chinese Americans are American born; increased acculturation 107 55–65
1953 Refugee status available for 2000 if approved by Taiwan government    
1960’s Continued discrimination in unionized employment 237 1.1:1
1965 New Immigration Act passed, persons with kin in U.S. favored    
1970’s Two Chinese American communities: one suburban, well-educated; the other with little education and low income; immigration of Chinese from Vietnam 436 55–65
1980’s Image of “model minority”; heavy immigration from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan including older adults 812  
1990   1,079  
2000   2,400  
2005   3.100  

Source: Yeo et al, 1998