Geographic Distribution

There is substantial heterogeneity among the various Hispanic/Latino elder groups. They carry a unique historical and sociopolitical reality, which impacts who they are today.  The subgroups vary by their patterns of geographic distribution in the United States.

  • The Mexican American population tends to primarily reside in the Southwestern states of California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas
  • The Hispanic population resides in New Mexico
  • The Cuban population predominantly resides in Florida
  • The Puerto Rican population lives mostly in the Northeast with growing concentrations in NewYork, New Jersey and in major Midwestern cities such as Chicago.

In 2006, 75% of Hispanic persons aged 65 and over resided in four states: California (27%), Texas (20%), Florida, (16%), and New York (9%) (USDHHS, AoA, 2003). See the map below:

Hispanic/Latino Distrubtion in the US.