Instructional Strategies

In addition to lecture and discussion, the following teaching/learning activities are suggested:

1. Learning Activities

Use Learning Activities inserted throughout the module.

2. Case Study Discussions

Assign students to read and prepare for discussion one or more of the cases included in the module and Learning Activity 3 on Dementia.

3. Research on Availability of Care

Ask students to research the availability of outpatient care, hospital care, long term care and senior centers for Indian elders in their area.

4. Interviews

Ask one or more older adutls of American Indian background for permission to have students visit and interview them or to come to class and talk about their experiences, especially in relation to issues such as Boarding Schools.

 See Interview Strategies in Culture Med Ethnogeriatrics Overview

5. Reading Assignments

Assign students to read the book by Lori A. Alvord & Elizabeth Van Pelt. The Scapel and the Silver Bear: The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing, or one of the other books or articles on the Suggested Reading list, and write a critique or present it in class.

6. Cohort Analysis

If there is an Indian Native community available, ask the students to use the cohort analysis model as a basis to develop one that is specific to the historical experiences of the elders in that community.

7. Research on Illnesses

Ask students to identify the tribal affiliation(s) of older patients that health care providers are most likely to see in your area and research the explanatory models of dementia (or another illness), preferences for end-of-life care, and healing ceremonies traditionally found in those communities.

8. Class Speakers: Traditional Healing Practices

If native healers/medicine people are available, ask them to speak to the class.